The 10 Demands

These are the 10 DEMANDS made at The National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence direct action and die-in on 15 November 2014.

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1.  Stop the Killing of Children

– set up a national, multi-billion pound programme to convert residential communities across Britain into living-street Home Zones and abolish dangerous rat-runs.

2.  Stop the Killing of Pedestrians 

– establish a national programme to fund pedestrianisation of our city and town centres, including the nation’s high-street, Oxford Street.

3.  Stop the Killing of Pensioners from excessive speed

– introduce and enforce speed limit of 20 mph on all urban roads, 40 mph on rural roads/lanes and 60 mph on all other trunk roads.

4.  Stop the Killing of Cyclists

– invest £15 billion in a National Segregated Cycle Network over the next 5 years.

5.  Stop the Killing by HGVs

– ban trucks with blind spots by making safety equipment mandatory and strictly enforce current truck-safety regulations, to reduce levels of illegally dangerous trucks down from estimated 30% to less than 1%.

6.  Stop the Killing without liability

– introduce a presumed civil liability law on behalf of vehicular traffic when they kill or seriously injure vulnerable road-users, where there is no evidence blaming the victim.

7.  Stop the Killing from Lung, Heart and other Diseases caused by vehicular pollutants

– make it mandatory for particulate filters that meet latest EU emission standards to be fitted to all existing buses, lorries and taxis.

8.  Stop the Killing at Junctions

– introduce pedestrian crossing times long enough for elderly disabled to cross. Legalise filtered junction crossings by cyclists with strict legal priority for pedestrians and carry out urgent programme of physically protected left-hand turns for cyclists.

9.  Stop the Killing from Climate Crisis caused by CO2 emissions

– all transport fuels to be from truly environmentally-sustainable, renewable sources within 10 years.

10.  Focus on Life!

– Transport governance must make safety and quality of life the top priority. Reform all council transport departments, the Department of Transport and Transport for London into Cycling, Walking and Transport Departments with formal pedestrian and cyclist representation.