Establish a national programme to fund pedestrianisation of our city and town centres, including the nation’s high-street, Oxford Street.

In the last decade over 5’000 pedestrians have been killed on our roads and over 50’000 seriously injured [1]. Many roads in city centres and residential areas are dangerous and hostile for pedestrians with motor traffic prioritised over safety.

On Oxford Street, despite being visited by over 200 million pedestrians every year and having an accident rate 35 times the city average, little has been done to protect people from motor traffic and buses [2]. Of the worst 24 pedestrian accident hotspots in London, 6 are located on Oxford Street [3].

Across the country streets need to be revisited by transport planners to make them safe and inviting for people to walk and shop. This would save lives and rejuvenate town centres across the country and give pedestrian safety the importance it deserves.

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