Set up a national, multi-billion pound programme to convert residential communities across Britain into living-street Home Zones and abolish dangerous rat-runs.

32,849 children have been killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads in the last decade and serious accidents involving young children are increasing [1]. On roads near schools more than 1,000 children are injured a month, and a third of child road deaths occur in those areas [2]. Our major cities have the worst safety records for children being killed or seriously injured around schools, however councils are laying off the lollipop people who help children cross the roads safely [3]

We need residential areas designed as ‘home zones’, with dangerous through traffic removed and low speed limits to provide better places for children to grow up. We also need protected routes to schools. Parents need to be confident allowing their children to play outside and walk or cycle to school like they did in the past [4].

The UK needs safer, quieter and more pleasant residential areas as has been demonstrated in the Netherlands [5].

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Update: The latest Department for Transport figures show almost 2’000 children were killed or seriously injured in 2013.